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Skilled And Effective Criminal Defense

Being arrested and charged with a crime can be a traumatic experience, but you still have legal options. Regardless of how serious the charges are or how complex the issues are, a tenacious criminal defense attorney can challenge the evidence presented to highlight any doubts a judge or jury may have. This can lead to a more favorable outcome.

At William F. Meyer, P.A., our founder is one of the most experienced criminal defenders in Melbourne and the surrounding area. He has taken more than 200 cases to trial, gaining a reputation in the courtroom for effective and driven criminal law defense.

Regardless Of The Charge, We Mount A Strong Defense

Each case is unique, but we believe that our drive to protect our client's rights each step of the way is the best way to ensure a positive outcome in the courtroom. We use this approach to handle a broad range of criminal defense cases, including:

  • DUI: Those with more than one DUI face felony charges in Florida.
  • Violent crimes: Assault and battery, sex crimes, domestic violence, weapons crimes and vehicular manslaughter could lead to substantial jail time.
  • White collar crime: Charges such as embezzlement, fraud and identity theft have the possibility of extensive jail time.
  • Drug charges: Not only could you face jail for sales distribution and manufacturing, but a cursory background check will alert employers, professional associations and schools about this mark your record.
  • Traffic violations: Some tickets are worth fighting here in Brevard County.

If you have been accused of any criminal charges, contact us at William F. Meyer, P.A. We are devoted to achieving positive outcome in your case, whether it is dismissal, an acquittal at trial or even a plea to lesser charges.

An Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Protect Your Future

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