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We Understand How The DUI Process Works

You may have had a few beers, but you felt fine when you got behind the wheel to drive home. Unfortunately, the Melbourne police pulled you over. Suddenly a quiet night with a few friends has turned into a DUI defense nightmare where you are sitting in the back of a squad car.

The officer who pulls you over must perform a series of protocols to insure that your legal rights are protected. The rules are different under different circumstances, and legal officials can make mistakes that will compromise their charges. Experienced DUI defense lawyer William F. Meyer can bring up a number of different legal questions to make sure that it was done properly. He will pursue a line of questioning that includes:

  • Did the officer have probable cause?
  • Did the officer properly operate and maintain the testing equipment?
  • Did the officer read you your Miranda rights at the proper time?

Don't Make Matters Worse

The police pulled you over on drunk driving charges. But as they get your license and registration, they are also looking and listening for things that could incriminate you. Common mistakes people make when pulled over on suspicion of DUI include:

  • Admitting to drinking: Remember that you have right to remain silent. Be polite to the officer, but it is advisable avoid saying anything that may be incriminating.
  • Taking a field sobriety test: You will lose your license if you refuse to take the test, but you still have the right refuse.

The Implications Of DUI Are More Serious Than You Know

Each case is unique, but at William F. Meyer, P.A., we feel the smartest course of action is to fight a DUI conviction each step of the way until we get to the courtroom. DUI penalties or multiple DUIs on your record translates into a driver's license suspension, fines and possibly jail time. A criminal record can also lead to other complications like loss of student loans or grants, being passed over for a job, and higher penalties if you are pulled over again. Having an experienced DUI attorney on your side can make a difference in the Florida court system and in your life.

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