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How Do I Get My License Back?

If a driver has their license suspended in Florida, Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) issues a notice through the mail saying that the driver's license is suspended. The suspension begins upon receiving the notice. But if the driver is otherwise able to drive after being charged, the arresting officer can issue a 10-day temporary permit. It is during this time that the driver should contact a lawyer to file hardship license application or set up a DUI suspension hearing.

At William F. Meyer, P.A., we have helped hundreds of drivers get their driver's license reinstated. The process is not easy and it is time sensitive, so an attorney with a legal background in driver's license reinstatement can be tremendous asset in navigating either of these processes.

Suspension Hearings And Appeals

We can arrange for the DUI administrative suspension hearing here in Melbourne. Similar to court appearance, we will argue for full reinstatement, hardship license or limited suspension during the hearings. If there is need to file for an appeal, we can handle this as well.

What Is A Hardship License?

We can request a hardship license for drivers convicted of one DUI. The premise is that the driver needs to drive to and from work and fulfill any job specified driving needed to support themselves and/or their family. Other approved reasons for getting a hardship license are to attend school or career advancement training. Individuals driving commercial vehicles are not eligible.

Other Possible Obligations

If your license is suspended because of DUI, there also may be a number of other responsibilities that need to be fulfilled if driving privileges are to be restored. These include:

  • Complete one of the state's DUI school programs.
  • Remain in a DUI Special Supervision Services program, which includes substance abuse evaluation, DUI counseling or DUI treatment. Failure to attend can result in license cancellation.
  • Prove that you have no drugs or alcohol in your system for one year.
  • Install a mandatory ignition interlock system on your car.

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