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What If I Have More Than One DUI?

Even when it has been several years between DUI arrests, the courts still regard you as a repeat offender. It is crucial for a driver to have an experienced DUI attorney like William F. Meyer on your side if you facing DUI charges for the second, third or fourth time. Whereas the first offense may have had only a modest impact on your life, the penalties escalate each time you are charged. DUI offenses in other state also count toward the charges here in Melbourne as well.

At William F. Meyer, P.A., we are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. We have extensive experience representing drivers facing multiple DUI charges. Regardless of the circumstances involved, we work toward securing a future that retains a sense of dignity for the individual. We can help you weigh your options as you face hard time and heavy fines, as well as requirements like an ignition interlock system for your car.

What To Expect With Additional DUIs

Not only are penalties based on the number of times, it also matters on where it occurred, if there were minors in the car, blood alcohol level and other mitigating circumstances. The following is brief breakdown of Florida law on the matter:

Second Conviction

  • Outside five years: one-year suspension and nine-month jail maximum
  • Within five years: five-year suspension and 10-day mandatory minimum jail time

Third Conviction

  • More than 10 years since prior conviction: one-year license suspension and one-year maximum jail time
  • Within 10 years since prior conviction: 10-year license suspension and at least 30 days mandatory jail time

Fourth Conviction

  • Permanent license revocation and up to five years in prison with 30 days mandatory minimum

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