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Questions We Often Hear From Our Clients

We get hundreds of inquiries each year at William F. Meyer, P.A., from potential and current clients about their legal issues. Each case is as unique as the individual involved, so we recommend contacting us to discuss the details of your case during our free initial consultation with a veteran criminal trial attorney based here in Melbourne. Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions and answers that may give you a better understanding of your own case.

What if I refuse a Breathalyzer test?

If you refuse to take a Breathalyzer test (or other sobriety test), you will be charged under the implied consent law. You automatically lose your license and face additional penalties here in Florida, but you still have the right to refuse.

Do I get a phone call when I am arrested?

You will be able to make at least one call. Your first call should be to someone you trust to find you an aggressive criminal defense attorney.

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and felony?

Felonies are serious crimes that can lead to a prison sentence. A misdemeanor involves a minor offense that is typically punishable by fines or other penalties.

Do I really need a lawyer if I am just going to plead guilty anyway?

While it may seem smart at the time to save money on legal fees, it is never a good idea to plead guilty without first talking to an attorney. An experienced criminal defense lawyer may be able to reduce or dismiss charges by challenging them.

Will I face felony charges in court if I am arrested on felony charges?

Not necessarily. A prosecutor makes independent decisions on what charges to file. This can affect your case greatly.

What should I do if I am arrested on criminal charges?

You should call a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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